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Product Categories


Animals (27)

This is a collection of temporary tattoos of animals. Also visit our temporary tattoo categories for Insects, Reptiles & Fish, and Butterflies.


Armband/Bracelet (41)

Armband and bracelet temporary tattoos are very versatile. They can be applied to the upper arm, wrist, or ankle. Stacking two or more different temporary tattoo design creates a very attractive display. Sometimes they are applied to the small of the back or below the navel as a bikini accent. Don't be afraid to be creative with your temporary tattoos.


Biker (81)

This category features temporary tattoos that are popular with ""the biker crowd"". See other similar temporary tattoos in our ""Macho"" category.

Bikini Accent

Bikini Accent (17)

This has become one of our most popular categories. These temporary tattoos can be worn on the small of the back or near the navel. They are great tattoo designs to wear with bikinis or hiphuggers. Also check Armbands/Bracelets for more designs.



Buy One Get One free (BOGO).  Any tattoo with BOGO at the beginning of the item number is a BOGO special and you will receive a second tattoo at no cost.  Two for the price of one.  These specials will change periodically so check back often.  


Butterflies (31)

Butterfly temporary tattoos are very versatile. They can be worn just about anywhere on the body. Some popular locations are the ankle, shoulder, and cleavage. Let your imagination be the guide for your fake tattoo.



Save up to 75% from regular catalog prices. These are quality temporary tattoos that are no longer being printed by our suppliers or being deleted from our inventory to make room for new designs.  Quantities are limited on some items.  Also check our SPECIAL DEALS.


Crosses (8)

Crosses have become very popular as tattoos in recent years. They are very versatile since they can be placed in many areas of the body. We offer a wide selection of cross temporary tattoos and paper tattoos in several sizes and styles.


Dragons (26)

Dragon tattoos are timeless, and we offer a wide selection of dragon temporary tattoos.


Fairies (10)

Temporary tattoos featuring images of fairies are among our most requested designs. The detail in some of these fake tattoos rivals the very best work of famous tattoo artists.


Fun (30)

Sometimes you need a temporary tattoo ""just for fun"". Here's a nice collection for that special occasion.


Glitter (15)

Glitter temporary tattoos are unique because they have just enough glitter embedded to cause them to sparkle when light hits them.


Hearts (8)

Hearts are always popular. Here's a variety of temporary tattoos that will provide just what you need to express love or fun. Keep a supply on hand for special occasions.


Holiday (14)

This category contains temporary tattoos for holidays


Insects (9)

Creepy, crawly & fun bugs. Also see the large temporary tattoo category for Butterflies.



Japanese Paper Tattoos are different from the traditional waterslide temporary tattoos you are familiar with. A unique color seal printing process results in a tattoo that looks more realistic and normally lasts two or three times as long as traditional tattoos. These premium quality temporary tattoos can be identified by a single ""T"" (3T-, 4T-. 9T-, etc.) in the item number. Paper Tattoos can also be identified physically because the protective sheet is translucent paper rather than the clear plastic used on traditional tattoos.

Japanese Words

Japanese Words (14)

Japanese words can enhance existing tattoos or be used separately.  They can also be combined to create phrases.


Karma (14)

Karma Temporary Tattoos. Wear them and get your wish.


Love (6)

Say ""I love you"" in a special way with temporary tattoos from this category.


Navel (6)

These temporary tattoos are usually applied to areas near or around the navel,  but they are often placed on other areas of the body.



Our Parlor Kits include a laminated display sheet, inventory control labels, detailed instructions, pricing guidelines, reorder information, and a liberal inventory of quality waterslide tattoos. Get more information.

Patriotic & Military

Patriotic & Military (15)

This category contains temporary tattoos that reflect American patriotism. Wear them with pride.


Pinups (24)

This is a special selection of traditional pinup temporary tattoos. Some of them are vintage tattoos while some are just for fun.


Pirate (8)

Our pirate temporary tattoo category contains a wide selection of pirate themed skulls with and without crossed swards and crossbones, plus our very popular pirate girl tattoos.

Reptiles & Fish

Reptiles & Fish (25)

This category contains temporary tattoos of creatures that swim or crawl. These are great temporary tattoos for kids, but some adults like them too.


Retro/Vintage (18)

These temporary tattoos capture the fun and daring of the old days of tattooing. Some are also considered to be classic vintage tattoos.


Roses (39)

Roses are about as classic as a temporary tattoo can get. This category provides dozens of ways a rose can be integrated into tattoo design. A tip for men: ""Give her a rose tattoo and win her heart.""


Skulls (21)

Skull temporary tattoos are extremely popular with young men. Many of these represent pirate and biker tattoo designs.



In this category we create Special Deals by combining two or more sheets that are related in content and apply discounts that range from 20% to as much as 50% of the original price of individual tattoo sheets.  See CLEARANCE for more special offers.



Tinsley transfers are waterslide tattoos developed by award winning makeup artist Christien Tinsley to provide a quick, time-saving method for tattoos on film and TV actors.  You've probably seen them in movies and on TV.  Our testing has found them to be realistic and long-lasting.  You can identify these premium quality waterslide tattoos in our categories by having "FX" in the item number. 


Tribal (37)

Tribal temporary tattoos have become very popular with both men and women. This category lets you view all our tribal styles in one area.